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  • KREUTZER-BOCHSA: Six Nocturnes for Harp and Violin

  • R. Kreutzer & C-N. Bochsa: 6 Nocturnes Concertants for Harp and Violin

    Kyunghee Kim-Sutre, harp
    Guillaume Sutre, violin

    Looking back on our days as students, several years ago, it is true that the names Rodolphe Kreutzer and Nicolas Charles Bochsa have not always summoned forth the fondest of memories. Though they were, respectively, a very famous virtuoso violinist and a very famous harpist, they were also legendary pedagogues. Even today, nearly two hundred years later, their methods, etudes, caprices and concertos are an integral and sometimes dreaded part of the canon of pedagogy musicians must follow throughout their studies. Thus, when we discovered the existence of Six Nocturnes Concertants for harp and violin, we were rather leery. How exciting, we thought, could this music be?

    From the first reading, however, we were overwhelmed by the rich writing, the beautiful melodies, the diversity of character and the perfect balance between the two instruments subtly showcased in a virtuoso concertante style. Knowing that these works were composed in collaboration, we time and again had great pleasure trying to identify who the author of a particular musical motif must be!
    We are filled with wonder by this music, music that not only so touchingly reveals the great melodist talents of these two composers, but also illustrates a particular style of writing for the opera and the Parisian Salons de Musiques that took place exactly two centuries ago.

    The Duo Sutre-Kim
    Guillaume Sutre, violin & Kyunghee Kim-Sutre, harp

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